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Judy Felts  can be utilized as a keynote speaker, singer or a worship leader for your conferences ministry events, church services, fundraisers and non-profit organizations.  For booking contact Lee Porter with Aspiring Mark Agency at or call 615-656-5987

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"Beautiful vocals, flowing keyboards, sensitive worship leading; description of Judy Felts' marvelous heart and talents--both of which will usher into your gatherings the presence of God, and the good news of Jesus in ways that will move you with delight and inspiration.  Few ministers-through-music possess both the biblical foundation and the godly walk that undergird what Judy brings to the platform.  I cannot recommend her enough."

Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin
Artist in Christian Testimony Intl

Judy Felts contributed to our Women's Weekend in significant ways through her music, devotions and a breakout session.  What a great team player!  Her beautiful voice, keyboard ability and love for the Lord all enabled her to connect with the women in a sweet spirit of humility and grace.  There were many comments on the evaluations about being blessed by the music.  Thank you Judy!

Candy Davison
Women's Ministry Coordinator
Sandy Cove Ministries
North East, MD

"For many years now, I've had the great gift of working and ministering with Judy Felts.  It's always an adventure!  In all manner of locations-from prisons, to upscale conferences to praise and worship teams - I have seen her heart and talents used in every direction to speak healing and the love of Christ  to anyone in her path.  She's creative in the best sense of the word - spilled out and energized by forging new ways to keep the Gospel alive.  I cannot say enough about Judy's endless passion for God and the tremendous gifts He poured into her.  Onward, Judy, girlfriend.  You are a rare treasure in this world."

Bonnie Keen
author, songwriter, recording artist, speaker, actor

 Ms. Judy Felts has for several years now provided entertainment for Wilderness Wildlife Week and award-winning event produced annually by the City of Pigeon Forge, TN.  The program "And Heaven and Nature Sing" is one of the most attended and popular programs at Wilderness Wildlife Week.  Judy's vocal talents are truly inspirational, as well as moving.  Judy and her music would be a welcome addition to any group or meeting that wants to be entertained and moved with a soul-enriching experience for all ages!


Elmer "Butch" Helton
Pigeon Forge Office of Special Events

the past ten years, we have worked together to share what is most precious in our lives with

a variety of people from all walks of life.  Sometimes the crowds were large and at other times, a couple
of hundred.  I have watched you and listened to you on every occasion and the flow has been consistent.
Your gift of music and your words both flow from the new heart that God placed in you when He called
I just want to tell you how much your life has affected and encouraged my walk with Christ.
Over you His own.   Your humility and unselfishness are evident yet your boldness to stand for Jesus and all
He has placed within you is superior to everything else.  I have never seen a time when there was any
inkling of embezzling His glory.  In contrast, I always see the glow of His presence taking over your life
and sweetly and powerfully using you as His chosen vessel  "for a time such as this".
We have walked through the gates of the maximum security prison and I have watched broken lives
light up in the knowledge that you have been there for them...praying with and for them, loving them un-
conditionally, and teaching them what you have learned as the Holy Spirit taught you.  
I'm proud to be your friend.  You and Mike have treated me like your family  and I will never forget that.
It is always an honor to be on the same platform with you because your love for Christ sets the tone for
the things that He chooses to do each time.  I pray that God uses you in ways and places that you could
never imagine  and "beyond all that you could ask or think".
Your Friend and Brother in Christ,

Ken Jenkins

Heaven's Eyes Ministry
P.O. Box 468
Gatlinburg, TN   37738

It's "no-brainer" and total joy to recommend the ministry of Judy Felts. I've known and walked with Judy for many years, and there are few friends that I have who are more given over to the joy of the Lord, the implications of the gospel, and a desire to be a conduit of God's grace. With her singing, speaking, worship leading, and her own remarkable story, Judy is all about loving and leading people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. I commend her ministry to you, without reservations and with great joy.
Scotty Smith
Founding Pastor
Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN.

    Judy Felts is a seasoned professional.  However, when you are
listening to her Minister, you feel more as though you are visiting with a
good friend.  She is warm and caring.  Her voice is a balm to the ear. Her
message is relevant and honest, ripe with a lifetime of Bible Study and
practical application.  She walks with God on a daily basis and her programs
are impacted by that relationship. 
    I have known Judy while she toured with Bill Anderson and beyond.  I
have watched her faithfully serve God in the "trenches" of Ministry--the
Tennessee Prison for Women. Few women have served so faithfully to those who
could benefit them nothing. But Judy embraced that call from God and ran
with it!  Many lives will stand before God and give testimony--freed from
their prison garments--to walk through the Pearly Gates.  All because Judy
came faithfully for years, to minister to them.
      You will not see photos of Judy in Concert, because the places she
has served, would not allow you to take photos.  She has sung to the lost
and wounded, those incarcerated for a lifetime.  She has given hope to the
hopeless. And she has also gone the extra mile to assist women upon leaving
Prison, to be established in life outside the walls.
        Personally, I watched Judy and her husband Mike, adapt to an
"unimaginable place" when their daughter got pregnant out of marriage. Judy
and Mike taught the rest of us how to "grace" the broken.  I love her for
being willing to share the heartache and now the great joy in loving her
"surprise blessing," grandson Nathan.  He is a huge part of her story and
God's Glory.  
     All I can tell you, is that every time I hear Judy sing, I feel
better than before I came.  She's the "real deal."  You can trust her to
Minister honestly to your Women.  She will never embarrass you with her
presentation.  She will be 100% Christ like.  And your women will leave,
feeling better than when they came...their spirits lifted. 
        I heard her again last week, as she led the Ministry she birthed
years ago, to local Business Women Christian Women Connect.  My heart was
happy, as I witnessed once again, by friend use her gift to honor God.  She
is anointed...called to the work of Ministry on whatever level God so
chooses. What a servant!  Glory be to God!

Kay DeKalb Smith
Singer, Speaker, Author

  Judy Felts is an incredible combination of true giftedness, deep faith, and sheer joy.  Her presence is a ministry to all who know her - whether she's leading worship on stage or caring with great compassion one-on-one with inmates in the TN Prison for Women.  She passionately pursues whatever endeavor she jumps into - whether gardening, teaching, hosting an event, singing, hiking in the mountains, baking fresh bread, or encouraging leaders - for she is indeed a humble leader herself who knows what it means to give/serve in absolutely beautiful ways.  She continues to impact all who know her - and I'm honored to call her a friend."  

 Cammy Bethea
Christ Presbyterian Church
Nashville, TN

 Judy Felts is a wealth of creative energy, full of talent and enthusiasm.  Her heart of compassion has touched the lives of many people who look to her for guidance and wisdom.  I have served on a board with her and know her to be a woman of integrity and great leadership skills.  I have heard her captivate audiences with her speaking and musical abilities and recommend her highly for conferences and retreats.  

Joanne Miller
author, speaker, artist

 "Judy Felts is fantastic!  As one who has been heavily involved in Wilderness Wildlife Week, an annual eight day seven night event in Pigeon Forge, TN ( that draws 30,000 attendees each year, I have the evidence.  Judy lives half a state away from Pigeon Forge, yet she coordinates from that distance with internationally known and locally based photographer Ken Jenkins, sending him only her music suggestions in advance, whereupon Mr. Jenkins selects the musically inspired appropriate images and prepares his message for one of the evenings during this week long affair.  Judy pulls together musicians from several locations throughout Tennessee, showing up the day before and distributing her own arrangements to each. They may have an hour or two to practice together before joining Mr. Jenkins for their annual program titled Heaven and Nature Sing.  Wilderness Wildlife Week includes over 350 individual presentations during those eight days, and Judy and Ken's is by far, without exception, the most heavily attended of them all.  Standing room only, every year.  "Moving", "inspirational", "encouraging", "captivating", "gave me goose bumps", "took my breath away", are just some of the comments I've heard over the years from those in attendance, and I often hear them from folks with tears in their eyes.  I, too, am so moved each year and I would add the reaction of "amazed" to those of the others -- amazed at how Judy can visualize, and assemble/create what's needed,  and coordinate from afar, and bring a program together in such a, well, amazing fashion."   

 Bill Burr
Sevierville, TN

"Judy Felts is a musician, singer, arranger, program coordinator and, first and foremost, she loves the Lord!  She's gifted and creative, with energy, enthusiasm and persistence.  She's loaded with experience and a record of service (a years' long ministry within the walls of Tennessee's maximum security prison for women, for instance).  She's observant and intuitive, and asks good questions; qualities that lend themselves well to quickly and appropriately adapting to new environments and challenges.  Judy is also warm and gracious, enhancing quick working relationships with those who meet her for the first time. Her programs are meaningful and impactful, yet provide for a good deal of flexibility in coordinating with and supporting themes and objectives that may already be in place.  How do we know?  Because Judy has traveled to our East Tennessee church on more than one occasion, to perform at worship services as well as provide and present weekend programs for our women's ministry.  Her contributions are perfection every time!"    

 Bill Burr, Elder &
Carol Burr, Women's Ministry Council
Evergreen Presbyterian Church,  Sevierville,

Judy Felts of Franklin, TN is an accomplished, anointed, and highly trained musician.  She has played the keyboard and sung for the yearly gathering  of Women Encouraging Women, a Christian organization for women in the Nashville area, for three years.  Her love for The Lord shines through to all who hear her and everyone feels the Lord's presence when she performs.  I highly recommend her for Christian events.  Everyone will love her.

Martha Elkin
Co-Founder and Chairman
Women Encouraging Women